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Technical Information

A Domain is the name of your website and consists of an ending (e.g. .de, .at, .com, .org), known as TLD, and the real name (e.g. tecserver), also known as SLD. For each domain ending, TLD, there is an administrative agency. For .at domains e.g. this would be the GmbH.
These administrative agencies require high technology standards, are mostly in a different language and cost a lot of money for single domains - thats why we as wholesale purchaser represent you throughout different administrative agencies. With our knowledge, experience and buying conditions we can give you a very good price to an unbeatable quality. For your convenience we developed a domain robot system where you can register your own domains without any further knowledge in our customer area.

Webinterface - Domains

The domainrobot webinterface is managing two core options: management of domain handles and management of the domains themselfes.
The handle management, which represents the domain contact, gives you the functionality to create, edit and delete handles.
The domain management helps you in checking if your desired domain name is still available - you can check single endings or more with one click. This saves you time and gives you an overview of which endings are still available. Self speaking you can register domains and transfer domains in real time. Its designed so that also beginners can manage their domains withour any problems. We also added a great feature which allows you to instantly connect your domain with your webspace in a single click!


Webinterface - DNS

The DNS webinterface is ment for experienced users and therefore it gives you the instant possibility to edit your dns zones in real time. You can use bulk-tools for mass adding or deletion, or use single domain based tools. All forms are Ajax based which provides you with the comfort needed when editing complicated DNS zones. All changes that are done are in realtime!










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