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Technical Information

A virtual server, also abbreviated as vServer, is a seperated part of a physical server. This seperation is done with different kind of abstraction methods - in our case we used XEN. XEN gives us the possibility to seprate ressources for every single vServer, ensuring that there wont be any conflicts from one vServer to another - all customers are completely seperated and dont get interfered by other subsystems.
Our vServers are set up on high end root servers based on atleast 4 CPUs, 12GB ram and 1TB harddisks in a hardware raid1. The network connection is 1Gbit/s to ensure high network performance for each and every single vServer.

More Information about the datacenter can be found here.


The webmanagement system for our vServers is vAdmin (
vAdmin provides you with the following features:We also serve vServers for resellers. To get our current quotes please contact our support team.

Full Managed Service

If you are unexperienced with linux operating system management, you want to avoid the risk or want to spend your time on other things - we have the perfect solution for you: Full Managed Service.
When you decide to use our Full Managed Service we will update your operating system (Security patches, updates, basic install, configurations ...) and configure the system to fit your needs (programs, libraries ...).
We also add your system to our monitoring infrastructure. The monitoring infrastructure includes a live monitoring via gKrellm and a longterm monitoring via Zabbix. Thats how we can see current problems and find problems that may come up in the next few months.









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