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What is a Domain?

A domain is the name of the website. This name will be entered into the adress bar in your browser. The name of a website is a very important part of your own homepage. With a good, short and easy to remember name your website can easily be found and has a much higher chance of getting revisited.
A domain exists of two parts: the SLD (second level domain) and the TLD (top level domain). For example when you use our domain,, tecserver is the SLD and com the TLD.
Each TLD is assigned to one certain registry that administrates the names of the domains. This can be country based registries (.de .at .it .ch) or general registries (.com .info .net .org).
A domain gets registered and administrated by a registry.

When you enter your domain in the adress bar of your browser, DNS servers will be queried to return the IP of the underlying Server who is in held of your webhosting data. This action is called name resolution.
The IP is needed to contact the webserver who will deliver the content of your webspace.

Thats the reason why a good domain is one of the key elements of a successfull homepage.

What is important for domains?

A good name

The name of a domain is very important. A long and complex domainname is hard to remember. A good, short, structured name which fits to the content provided is much better. Its an important piece that ensures that your visitors can remember your domain and revisit you whenever they want.

Realistic prices

There are very many dumping provider who sell their domains as cheap as possible. The underlying problem is not so easy to see: domains get charged every year and with only a small gain its impossible for the company to work economically, because they have to pay registry fees, maintanance costs for their DNS infrastructure, employees and so on. From this point of view its important to look at a decent price performance ration. When your domain discounter doesnt work economically, its likely that he will quit one day which leads into you losing your domain!  








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