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SVN - Starter

HD: 1 GB
Traffic: 10 GB
Accounts: 5

only 4,99€ per month!

SVN - Professional

HD: 20 GB
Traffic: 100 GB
Accounts: 100
Anonymous access allowed

only 19,99€ per month!

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What is SVN?

SVN is the abbreviation for "Subversion" and its a revision software. This means that documents and other data are always synchronized to a centralized repository. This repository consists of the latest data and also saves the changing history. When data gets deleted or corrupted, you can simply change back to an old revision and don't lose any data.

SVN is mostly used in software and webdeveloping companies, because due to this software its possible that many persons can work on the same data without corrupting it.

Our SVN services are always hosted on our quality premium servers to ensure the highest data security and service stability.

What is important for SVN?

Anonymous access

The anonymous user in SVN systems is a user without a special account. This means that without special rights you are able to read certain data of your repository. This gets often used by open source projects so that visitory can get the latest source code. It's a nice feature but it also generates a lot of traffic. Because of that reason you should check your project profile if its really needed to have an anonymous access to your repository to save costs.

Data security

SVN gets offered by some open source communities for free. The biggest problem regarding this free service is, that it's not ensured that you data is securely stored. It's relatively easy for others to read your data. For companies that store critical data in a repository it would be much better, regarding data security, to choose a commercial SVN system over a free one.  








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