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Current Server Highlights

Server - Starter

CPU: Intel Q6600
Ram: 4 GB
HD: 1000 GB
Traffic: 500 GB

only 99,00€ per month!

Server - Prof. FMS

CPU: Intel Q6600
Ram: 8 GB
HD: 2000 GB
Traffic: 500 GB
Full Managed Service
only 189,00€ per month!

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Technical Details

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What is a Server?

Server are computers which are configured to run constantly. With this definition and the fact that servers have much to calculate, they're getting built in a special way. This type of case ensures a good air flow and therefor better cooling which allows a longer life time.

The decission to choose a server over webspace or webhosting can be influenced by the following: it can be important for a company to ensure data security. This can be done because its their own system where only the company has access. For bigger websites it's also important to have the full cpu power and to be able to configure the server to your needs.

A server is not only some storage space for your websites; a server can fullfill different tasks. There are database servers (much RAM, fast harddisks, good CPU), storage servers (many and big harddisks, data security is important), cluster server (without own harddisk, they are just needed for calculations) and so on.
When you are choosing a server it's important that you choose one regarding your needs. Most standard servers wont fit and that's why we are offering individualized servers that fit your needs perfectly!

What is important for servers?


A good server isn't everything. There are enough providers that sell you top hardware, but the server is hosted in a basement of some crappy location. The monthly fee will be cheap, but the connection will be very bad. Inform yourself before you choose to buy!


Servers can be ordered with or without our full managed service. If you choose to rent it without our service, you need to have the knowledge about linux, server administration, configuration and server security. For a server without full managed service you are responsible for whatever harm is done with your system - this means that if somebody breaks into your server, you are liable for the harm thats been done. If you are unsure if you have the needed knowledge or just want to give your server security in the hands of professionalists, you can order our full managed service!

Realistic prices

Cheap prices are good for customers, but too cheap prices are bad. When the price is too low, the gain can only be made by selling masses of server systems. This leads into reduced support and quality. It makes no sense for you to buy a server with 10TB traffic included, when you only have 10Mbit/s on your network. Always look at the price performance ratio. When you make the decission of renting a server, it's better to pay a few Euros more per month and get much better quality!  








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