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Current Webhosting Highlights

Webhosting - Small

Webspace: 1GB
Traffic: 4GB
MySQL: 1x
POP3/IMAP: 10x

only 1,99€ per month!

Webhosting - Extended

Webspace: 5GB
Traffic: 20GB
MySQL: 5x
POP3/IMAP: 50x

only 5,99€ per month!

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Technical Details

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What is Webhosting?

Webhosting is a space in the internet also known as Webhosting. This space is comparable with a local hard drive that's connected constantly to the internet. Webhosting is needed whenever you want to have your own website and show it to others like friends, potential customers or relatives.

To ensure that you will be found in the internet we also offer domains. A domain is a name which will be entered in the adress bar of your browser. With this name it's easy to identify you and your website. The connection between the domain name and your webspace can be done with our automized tools in the customer area.

Our webhosting server systems are optimized on stability and performance. Performance is a very important aspect for webhosting, because a slow website is very uncomfortable to use. Because of this, we are using Linux as operating system on all of our servers and optimize it to our customers needs.

What is important for Webhosting?

Realistic sizes

In the webhosting branch the terms "inclusive", "unlimited" or enormous numbers are used to attract new customers. It's a fact that a server is a physical machine with limits. "Unlimited" is therefore impossible, especially when it's used for webspace or mysql databases. The term "traffic" is used to describe the data which flows from your visitor to the server and vice versa. This traffic produces costs which the provider has to pay. Offers with "unlimited traffic" are just loss leaders! It's very important to have a look at the price performance ratio. Only a good ration ensures that the provider can work economically and provide you with quality.

Realistic prices

Cheap prices are good for customers, but too cheap is bad. A provider that makes no gain in this tight market can't survive very long. This means that you will probably lose your data and domain. Therefor you should always look at a good price performance ratio.  








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