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Current vServer Highlights

vServer - Starter

CPU: 100%
Ram: 512 MB
HD: 30 GB
Traffic: 100 GB

only 4,99€ per month!

vServer - Intermediate

CPU: 100%
Ram: 1024 MB
HD: 60 GB
Traffic: 200 GB

only 9,99€ per month!

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Technical Details

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What is a vServer?

vServer is a short term for "virtual Server". It's virtual, because a dedicated physical server with a special operating system gets configured in a way to allow multiple operating systems to be run at the same time. The virtualization software that we use is XEN. With this hypervisor we have the possibility to encapsulate the customers, so that it becomes impossible to grab data or traffic from another vServer.

A vServer is interesting for customers that want to configure and administrate their own server without having the high financial balast of renting a full dedicated server. Because of the fact that vServers share one physical server the vServers are much cheaper, but also dont have the full power of a dedicated system.

vServers are a nice test facility for new software, operating systems or maintenances, because there is an easy interface that allows you to reinstall the vServer with one click. If you choose to rent a vServer, you can also order it with our Full Managed Service. This service includes the complete setup, administration, configuration and maintenance in our premium high quality standard.

What is important for vServers?


When talking about vServer performance we always mean the delay time when you access the hard disks and the network speed. Performance is very important because an overloaded base system responds very slowly which obviously makes your websites slow. It's also important that the base system hosts as few vServers as possible, because all of them are sharing the same physical server.

Realistic prices

Cheap prices are good for customers, but too cheap is bad. The cheaper a vServer is, the cheaper is the underlying hardware of the physical server and therefore the worse the performance will be. Cheap prices are furthermore an indicator of overloaded systems, which again is bad for the performance.  








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