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Technical Information

Webspace is sold on shared systems which means that multiple customers are on the samy physical root server to lower the costs. This also means that we use security mechanisms like suPHP to strictly seperate the customers processes.

The physical root servers are quadcore servers with 6-8GB ram, atleast 1TB harddisks in a raid1 to ensure data security. Furthermore we backup the databases every single day at 01:00 and the webfiles once a week on an external raid6 storage. These backups are stored for 9 months and can be accessed anytime by contacting our support team. That means for you that you dont have to worry about backups - we do that for you!
To reduce the risk of complete system failures or, in the worst case, to react as fast as possible, our servers are integrated into our live and longterm monitoring structure. The live monitoring is realised with gKrellm and gives us the great opportunity to react within minutes. The long term monitoring is done with Zabbix and shows us possible bottlenecks within the next months.

The webspace servers are located in our colocation in Frankfurt on the Main. We can also provide you with webspace in our other colocations. Please contact our support team to get the current quotes for the other colocations.

More Information about the datacenter can be found here.


To configure the webspace to fit all your needs like adding email adresses, changing domain settings, adding databases etc. we are using the industrial standard webmanagement portal Confixx from Parallels.

More information about the features can be found at:










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