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Rotterdam Frankfurt on the Main Vienna


In our colocation in Rotterdam we have our own suite, which means a seperate room, to ensure the highest possible data security. The datacenter is in the Van Nelle Ontwerpfabriek, which is an UNESCO world heritage.
The whole Van Nelle industrial park, including the datacenter, is powered by 100% pure eco electricity which got certified by the country of Netherland. Self speaking there is a well dimensioned AC and fire extinguishing system, but the real key fact is that its supervised by an external security company 24/7.

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Frankfurt on the Main

Frankfurt on the Main is our main colocation because its in the middle of Europe providing customers all over Europe with the best latency. In this datacenter brand new datacenter, built 2010, only authorized persons with PIN codes and security keycards have access. The datacenter is always being monitored and the technical support is 24/7 available. In a total we provide you with 23 racks and 630 places for towerserver. Self speaking we have battery backups, diesel fueled generators and an inergen based fire extinguishing system.

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Our colocation in Vienna is placed in the most important point in Austria because of the direct connection to the VIX (Vienna Internet Exchange). The connection to this datacenter is quadruplicate redundant which gives us the great opportunity to develope high availability clusters. The clients in this datacenters are banks and systems from the austrian state, which require 24/7 security and employee authorization with fingerprints and keycode cards.

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